While writing to you today, I’m trying to tidy my world up a little to give myself more me time. AND I HATE TIDYING! Why can’t our lives be like commercials, sweet moments of girly beauty bliss? If you’ve ever cursed loudly at a disorganized drawer crammed full of beauty products then you’re my new best friend and this is for you.

Until recently, I liked using a bit of everything in my beauty routine in the morning. But who has the time??? Yep! I figured before I became a G-Rex, I should at least do something more Godessy first thing in the morning other than fiddling about for ages trying to find different bottles and tubes and things.

So with that in mind, I decided to add a few time-saving solutions to my morning beauty routine. After lots of testing, I found that the transparent stacking system (see above) worked best, here’s why:


Transparent acrylic boxes. The minute you look in them you can see what’s what. I love just being able to pull out a drawer and quickly grab a Shu Uemura petal make-up sponge, a cotton wool pad or a cotton bud.


Clear bottles with labels – yes labels are fiddly and take a bit of time to create and stick on but in the long run it saves tons of time and instantly looks neat and tidy. Decant make-up remover, mouthwash and other liquids from bulky bottles into small, clearly labeled clear containers. Large unsightly bottles can then be stored anywhere and won’t clog up your shelf space. Woooo!
And this is why I…:


…ended up with bathroom shelves that accidentally look tidy like this. The acrylic drawers and plastic bottles keep my products water and dust free and on top of that, they’re incredibly minimalist.


Also I keep a covered toothbrush, nail clippers, files and cuticle scissors in a transparent glass (easier to spot).


If my tweezers and scissors are scattered around the house, I waste loads of time gathering them so I keep them in this glass.


I keep jars that I use regularly in just two rows because if I have to move more than two jars or bottles to reach something, I’m less likely to use it. Does that ever happen to you?


Also I’ve downsized my products so all are easy to see and aren’t crowded on the shelves. Oh and it’s helped me minimalise my beauty routine…. (but that’s a whole other story).

Okay, I’ve gotta let you go now. I’ll remind you that I’m on my couch and that I’ve completed my bathroom blitz, and that I’VE LOADS OF SPARE TIME… And so yeah, for the moment, I’m moving ahead with finding some more time saving ideas… ;-)