Meet the Goddess

My name is Gisèle Scanlon. I love fashion adventures and am an author, illustrator and photographer living in London. This is a place to share fashion, beauty, travel experiences and new inspiring things.

Goddesses everywhere, nice to meet you. We have so many different stories to explore. There’s the story of the fashion designers, the beauty experts, interesting people I meet and the food we share on my adventures. The story of people’s style and the story of the clothes because they are so much in, and a part of my life; how they get made, how designers use fabric and colour, how they fit. I just see so many different things everyday, so I’m going to try and write them my way, what I see through my eyes.

So who am I? Well I’m Irish but people always think I’m sorta, maybe, kinda…Parisian. Might be the name, or the French chignon, or my obsession with fashion and French fragrance. My Mum gave me this name while studying the Gisèle ballet music score, before my Dad rushed her off to hospital to have me. (I’ve always wanted to see/hear Gisèle, but it’s never happened). Someday!

My sister’s called me GG since she was three, so it was inevitable that eventually I’d do something with the initials ‘G’ and ‘G’. Remembering this, I found my thoughts drifting back to when I was five and my first fashion adventure. Imagine two little girls sitting on a stairs. It’s a party. Come closer and you’ll see we’re in dresses. There are traces of cake icing. As little girls we were so caught up in dressing up, so excited by the tiniest specks of beauty. I haven’t changed much since then, I still view the world through this little girl’s optimistic eyes.

Growing up in Ireland, I didn’t care much for being indoors watching television. I ached to dress up and explore woods, fields and the banks of bendy streams. Everywhere I went I had a notebook and a pen clamped to me (nothing much has changed). Later, I toyed with the idea of becoming a doctor, but people with high IQ's tend to become doctors, yet I still don’t even know what the side bit of my hand is called. Lucky public then that I decided to take English in University (and fashion at college at night) instead!

Not shortly after that glossy magazines encouraged me to write some things. They even let me DO London and then Paris. It was fashion week. It was très nice!!! I discovered that finding fashion and fragrance or perfume was what I loved doing. And apart from Paris and perfume, there were loads more things that begin with P that I loved; Pantones swatch books, wicked packaging, Penguin books (and the bird) and paper, paints, pens, plums and pillows. Did I not mention my obsession with stationary and magazines? Remind me, quickly over the course of the next while, why I need to get new notebooks and magazines over and over and over! Please!

My Mum read me my first Vogue and gave me my first notebook not long before that day I sat on those stairs with my sister in my party dress. I've used many notebooks since and have published two books, The Goddess Guide and The Goddess Experience, and am currently working on a third one all to do with travel, beauty, food and fashion. I try to find unique people, places and things on my travels and love to photograph people celebrating style.

So expect plenty of shoe talk, eye shadow, the virtues of the prefect Edwardian shoulder, fashion studio visits, fragrances, food and fashion adventures while wearing plenty of factor 20.

I hope we’ll have fun here.