A few have asked to see this… a glitter eyeshadow, yet some may think it’s neither here nor there. Pink glitter on the eyes which in a flash can sparkle (or not). Well it happily complimented my pale Irish skintone earlier, however the true fabbiness of it is only really made fabbier by model Marta Ortiz’s skintone at the Ashish Spring/Summer 2012 show (Oh and love that Sunflower print top).

Actually, that bit I just mentioned above about glitter “happily complimenting my skintone”, do real people talk like this? Is it not just make-up counter ladies who describe product in this secret language not unlike JRR Tolkien’s elves? All I know is that I’ve been hearing a lot of it about the past few days whilst shopping browsing so I’ll not inflict more upon you here. I took these shots last September at London Fashion Week and while I’m in deep confessional mood today I might as well tell you that I stepped as FAR back as the space would permit me to honestly consider these glitter eyes seriously. From back here, each little piece of carefully placed pigmented glitter twinkled and reflected the light beautifully. It was like looking at a good painting. Is that fair to say? At least it’s not Elvish speak right?

Here’s another shot, a real close up one. See, I was intrigued by this shadow because I don’t have a vast eye colour collection (by vast, I’m not referring to vast volume of product but amount of funds invested in colourful eye stuff…), to date I’ve only considered product in colours which I think actually suit me; never yellow eyeshadow because it’s too yuck! Pink of any kind makes me look ill. Black, brown, navy, grey, orange and blue are ticked as yeses but glitter?

I had to step back again and look at it on a girl with skin closer to my own complexion (Yeah, I wish!) So yes, you’ll probably roll your eyes at my wishful thinking and dedication to what could easily turn into a huge expensive mistake except…

….these painted eyelids are a result of a little art experiment. One part Vaseline (yes Vaseline) rubbed onto the lids and then pat some art glitter into it. The results are rather good no? If you’re concerned that the art glitter might scratch your eye out (oh yes it did) then a pigment pot glitter eyeshadow from MAC might me a safer bet. They come in several colours but aren’t as dramatic. MAC make-up artist Georgina Graham packed-on pink glitter from a MAC Pro glitter pot (they’re only available to professional MAC artists) hence the art shop artist’s glitter tip available to the rest of us went floating about backstage. I’m not entirely sure at which point this little nugget snuck into my notebook but someone also said that a clear or nude shadow base or cream shadow would work instead of Vaseline if you didn’t fancy your lids feeling slippy. SO use one and apply the glitter while it’s still wet. Oh and sparkles are messy; they scatter everywhere – including your clothes so some other lovely person suggested getting dressed after doing your eye make-up. Honestly bits of glitter have been falling onto my face and clothes trying this out all day but I’ve removed them with transparent scotch tape (wrap a small piece around your finger and life the specks off your skin).

So after a day spent in the company of Vaseline, glitter, scotch tape and my pens and pencils it’s a happy coincidence that the MAC team use these pads to sketch out and fill in the products used in each show (in keeping with my earlier art reference too). This slightly off-centre and haphazard vision of a ‘pretty’ eye (I’m so going to use this NON Elvish word forever now in beauty) is both feminine AND forward thinking. Considering these shots were taken backstage at Ashish’s London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 show they are in fact next February’s Spring look. You’ll be very much ahead of the 2012-vers if you decide to join in my sparkly art experiment now.