I’m very new to this business of blogging. At what point does it become embarrassing that it’s just you? It’s like an empty dance floor at a wedding, the music has started and I feel like it could just be me alone on the floor twirling about in my heels for a good while. Eeeek! So I’m looking down at my heels, (because that’s what I do when I’m on my own, don’t you?) and I’m thinking hmmmm heels – that’s as good a place as any to start.

Out front is glamorous, yes but backstage behind the scenes is where I like to be.

I agreed to cover London Fashion Week from behind the scenes. Way too scary to sit with the fashion editors, I thought to myself, no one will talk to me and everyone else will think I’ve got no friends; so I popped backstage instead and the people back there kind of adopted me. I prefer to be backstage poking about; feeling the clothes, seeing the shapes, the fabrics, the colours up close. I like to be able to interact with the whole team that puts a collection together. Out front and front row is glamorous, yes but backstage behind the scenes is where I like to be.

Backstage at Todd Lynn the first person I met was Kristina Salinovic trying on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes to see how they fitted. I love the way her red headphones pop against the soles of the Louboutin shoes. “They’re Urban Ears headphones (£60)” she said, sitting down on the floor beside me. I bet she gets asked about them all the time.

I’ll be honest, when Kristina Salinovic eventually changed and stood upright, fully clad in Todd Lynn and Louboutin’s, it was like being faced down by a modern day assassin, like in The Day of the Jackal. Speaking of which, have any of you read it? It’s about an assassin in Paris. I stopped breathing for just a moment at how perfect a suit of modern armour this really was. The perfectly cut shoulder on the coat, the seamless coat panels and funnel neck, the tapered trouser leg.

If I had a squillian pounds, I’d like to think that a) I’d stay the same as I am now and b) I’d stay the same as I am now whilst dialling Todd Lynn’s studio to order this fierce collection; one part punk princess, one part New Bond Street. It’s the architecture of the pieces together with the shoes that’s spot on. Like architecture, fashion can really have some beautiful proportions. *sigh*

At this time of year, most people achieve beautiful proportions simply with shoes/boots and a good coat length. I like Todd Lynn’s hat-trick here; shoes, coat and a trouser leg with a slender silhouette which stops just above the ankle just so. And as I went through the rest of his collection (to be reviewed fully later)… I was surprised by the realisation that I’d actually quite like to dress exactly like this come September. It’s kind of perfect for my backstage missions don’t you think? Goddess in the details!