Well finally I’m understanding the beauty of blogging. By understanding, what I really mean is that I’m finally understanding the putting together bit of a blog rather than the sitting down reading bit of other people’s blogs. After reading and loving many, many fashion blogs over the years, I’ve listed my faves which I read daily on the blogroll (look to your right).

The greatest and most talented people are usually also THE NICEST

I’ve already checked in this morning on Fashionologie, T Magazine at the New York Times, Jack & Jill and of course Garance Dore and Scott Schuman, both of whom I rate as uniquely talented photographers, in fact meeting Scott recently just proved what I’ve always believed, that the greatest and most talented people are usually also THE NICEST!

I thought initially that being dubbed King of bloggers would make Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist unapproachable, but clearly that is not the case! So there I was in front of him discussing cameras and process and he was so, so lovely to me that it was very encouraging. Mr. Goddess even spared some of his very precious Polaroid film (he’s currently rationing it for a Polaroid portrait project) to take Scott’s portrait. We all shared our mutual love of the Polaroid format and Warhol’s love of it and I thought……if this old format film weren’t so precious I’d be running about snapping everything, just to hear that special sound of my Polaroid camera. That sound makes me smile.

Back in the real world where digital Canon and Nikon cameras with all the frills are popular with bloggers, I’m fascinated by those who post the one-shot post when they’ve got ONE very beautiful shot. So in honour of Scott Schuman’s ‘less is more’ idea where quantity is overruled by quality on his The Sartorialist I give you my one shot post. It makes sense sometimes when the one shot captures completely an extraordinary person, place or moment! Non? Not that I’m saying our shot does completely that but it’s a moment, there’s something there.

I hunt for moments like this daily. Large swathes of my time goes on traveling about looking at, examining, poking about in fashion to find that elusive thing … my day is a series of small, tiny treasure hunts, all in the hope that I will find/see/smell something worth posting (a good indicator is that it gives me goose bumps). That find more often than not happens organically like this:

1)      First thing, after getting out of bed I try to make my life, my hunt for the day as tiny and special as possible.

2)      Second thing, I put what I’d like to do on a list. I love them (I am after all, a stationaryaholic.) I’ll even write down things I’ve already achieved (like, ‘got out of bed’ TICK just to get me started. Have you ever done this? : )

3)      Sitting on the tube I’ll look about but usually I’m still dreaming of traveling like an aristocrat (by horse and carriage).

4)      Then EUREKA! a girl on the tube will be wearing some lovely nail colour or scent and I get all excited and doubly so because it smells completely different on the tube than it does in fresh air on Oxford street (that happened to me just this morning).

5)      Then I’ll poke about to uncover treasure, on shelves, in boxes, in stores. Tomorrow I shall be discussing some of that buried treasure I’ve found IN DETAIL.

Does this sound good? Vaguely interesting?  Are you with me? If so, I’d like to share this song with YOU (and Scott). It’s called Faithful by World’s End Press and I think it sums up why I love blogging.

See you here tomorrow. xxx