Remember when expressing yourself through your T-shirt meant dangling a few clever placed words on your chest? While I still think this idea can be fun (House of Holland), I’m veering more towards the styling-a-T-shirt-like-this camp as a sharper subtler route this summer.

I’d happily wear this T-shirt dress until it fell apart.

Recently the best things I’ve encountered in fashion styling are subtle nuances, a belt perfectly placed here, a pin twisting and clasping a piece of fabric there and to see someone do it well and celebrate their own individual idea with a simple separate is a thing of pure joy. (I know I need to see someone about this obsession I have with tiny styling details.)

When I first spotted Adriane backstage at Bodyamr in her own T-shirt dress, belted cleverly I thought this is quite the most prefect way to lift a piece of 80’s sportswear. I love its versatility; dressed up with a belt, cardigan and those heavy denier tights, Adriane explained that she could run about without worrying about any of those cringy bending over *awkward* moments. ‘For a warmer day I wear it with gladiator sandals and a little denim but for work, changing in and out of things I like the tights.’ A good shopping outfit idea if ever I saw one. Simply slip it off and try on new things.

Close up this sweet little cotton short sleeved jersey T-shirt with its neat lines is devoid of detail except for the studs along the back seam and a few scattered on the its scooped v neckline. The whole look hinges on the length which is perfect on Adriane (although she is VERY MANY smidges taller that me). DIY project ahoy!

On examining the fabric it was super-soft and I’d happily wear a T-shirt dress like this until it fell apart. The simple little cut and the way it looks kind of slouchy with the belt and worn in like it’s been sun-faded and loved for many years just adds to it charm. It’s easy to see why I love it, isn’t it?

Now, I don’t ever like to be a follower. Fact. I genuinely thought Adrianne had plucked this T-shirt from a vintage shop rail on her travels and styled it into a T-shirt dress – it had that hint of the ‘worn-in-loved-item’ about it so I thought it futile to ask. But curiosity finally got the better of me and guess what???? The wool cardigan and belt are both from COS and the T-shirt dress is from WHISTLES. Why was I not surprised? There are unfortunately none of the T-shirt dresses left, but it made me love what Whistles are achieving at the moment even more. I feel a new girl crush coming on and this time it’s not even for a person.

P.S Boots are next season Bodyamr and are entirely optional. Maybe for the moment I’ll practice this look with my high black Acne wedges.