Had my first iced latté of the ‘summer’ today, sitting outside this afternoon – very cooling while I looked through these photos of Argentine model Milagros Schmoll whom I met while hanging out with the rather lovely Sir Paul Smith – Om my god, I love him so much… I’ll show you more of our fun soon. His backstage is different to any I’ve ever experienced, FUN, FUN, FUN! Just thinking about him puts me in a good mood.

Observing and capturing little moments

I’m in Ireland today and it’s super shiny sunshine. I think we brought too many cameras (huge extra baggage fees) which makes me wish I could survive with only a little Canon G11 camera accessorised with a beautiful bespoke strap like Milagros in the pictures above. I’ve also seen photographers use this little camera as an extra so often behind the scenes at fashion shoots/shows that it’s the little shining star of fashion everywhere.

I was asked by a French magazine yesterday to summarise what I try to capture in The Goddess Guide books/blog?  I blurted out that ‘I like observing and capturing little moments’. I think that covered it…., but after the interview I thought um, maybe you should capture ‘little’ moments using a ‘little’ camera G?

Anyway… I’m thinking of getting an extra small camera as well to tuck into my bag so of course I’ll have to find a strap with LOTS OF COLOURS. Yep, something like Milagro’s own strap backstage at Paul Smith A/W2011. I love how it matches the Paul Smith blue shirt and Paul Smith oatmeal cardigan.

Where did she get her camera strap? ‘The Market on Portobello Road and it wasn’t very expensive’.  I think it’s beautiful. If you see any interesting bespoke straps about over the summer, let me know (it might help me curb those excess baggage fees). xx