Another Rolling Stone

I just thought of this shot I took of yet another Rolling Stones Tee, this time backstage at Louise Gray. The fashion nerd in me loves the way the model has slashed the ends of her Tee (a simple DIY project for those inclined). More nerdy for me though is the Vogue photographer’s DIY camera ring flash he build from tape and cardboard (utter DIY droooolage for photography buffs).

More Tee

Wishing I was going to a Rolling Stones concert this evening but settling for the next best thing (the final two episodes of the Bridge) instead. Eeeeeeeep! Still lusting Danielle Winkworth’s 40 licks Rolling Stones tee. I’ll be glued to Ebay to find one for pennies for the summer so we can high-five each other here. Oh and well done to you guys who spotted in the previous post yesterday what it was The Rolling Stones with only a sliver of a logo. You’re all TOO SHARP. X