Tee Time

It’s true that models are mysterious. Some very beautiful and mysterious, but Danielle Winkworth is responsible for some of my most favorite fashion moments, whether it’s in London or Paris, this Irish girl brings her simple beauty to shows wherever she goes.

I love her and I love her personal style. I love that one of the hottest young models is unique in her simplicity and very laid back and humble. And she’s been like that for a while now as I bump into her lots! It definitely hit me this evening… in a few minutes I go with my boyfriend to our best friends’ house for tea and after a weeks of travel it’s nice to just come home and throw on a simple T-shirt to visit friends and just go. It reminded me of Danielle Winkworth’s simple laid back look. Sometimes nothing feels (and looks) as good as a beautiful cotton Tee.

Oh and do any of you have the faintest idea of what T-shirt Danielle is wearing. (I’ll post a better pic tomorrow morning to show the whole logo). Bet some of you know what it is already though right?….. Gotta rumble… late for dinner and boyfriend reminding me as I type. I’m cominggggggggggg. x

Goddess Guide Tip #1 – Just Turn Up

There I was, looking to file away a whole load of shots and trying to pick out a really nice few for you, when this photo of a shirt stopped me dead in my tracks. And then I thought, well it’s Friday afternoon and who wants to read an essay on a shirt G before the weekend (and you all know how I tend to write essays if you’ll let me). So instead here are some pictures and a few words about a beautifully styled shirt cuff on the French model Suzie Bird.

Yes, I know, she’s a model, yes I know it’s not fair, yes I know her shirt is turned up in that clever fashion way that only seems to work in fashion shoots, I know, I KNOW…

But for one brief moment this shirt looked as uncooperative backstage at the Paul Smith Spring Summer 2012 show as my shirt sleeves do normally and then just a few moments later…

…and look with just a few simple twists and turns and it came alive. Paul Smith has made several of his shirts this season with a double (button) cuff and turn-uppable cuffs which can be turned into what I like to expertly call “the French way” (as in you see it on the streets of Paris a lot – a simple shirt sleeve turned up in this way). This Paul Smith shirt here is the one with the double cuff for turning up.

I’ve been practicing the effortless sleeve turn up myself recently and find that adding a little starch when ironing the cuffs helps the turn up stay a little longer (did I just hear a groan?) OK.. I’ve got so much more to say about these photos I feel like I’m going to explode but don’t worry I promised I’d keep it short and I think if I say one more word I’ll somehow ruin these pictures.