It turns out that the threads in Argentine model Milagros Schmoll’s new-looking wool jacket hold many secrets. What had it seen before she bought it? Was its voluminous leg o’ mutton sleeve a hint as to its age? The thing that stopped me in my tracks was this sleeve that tapered into a slender cuff and stopped well above the wrist bone. Her cashmere grey sweater sleeves escaped beyond it and hugged her hands.

I found this in a vintage store in New York on Lafayette Street.

Backstage at Vivienne Westwood A/W 2011 Red label collection at London Fashion Week Milagros explained. I found this in a vintage store in New York on Lafayette Street. Can you believe it? No, honestly, I couldn’t. Would it be really expensive or something what with all that metal embellishment and tailoring? Would it make me faint?

Turns out it wasn’t expensive at all and even better, because of its wooliness she’d been getting lots of wear out of it as daywear. With its cinched in waist, giant metal rows of studs, leg ‘o mutton sleeve and tailored collar all held in place around the waist by a thin tiny leather strand, its unique character ticked ALL my vintage trend boxes.

Oh and also, I totally forgot about this until now – major fashion brownie points to Milagros Schmoll for ditching model-favourite-black in favour of – what would you call this shade of green? I shall endeavour to make sure that I embrace this exact colour wholeheartedly today and dance round and round and round my house in celebration. Happy St Patrick’s Day!