A lot of things happened before the weekend and it has sorta taken me until now to understand. So here goes – as people filed into the 18th-century Hawksmoor church (above) in East London on Friday for The Lovie Awards

I was on Oxford street lugging bags and my camera (a Nikon D300 since I get a lot of emails about it) and trying to find a black cab. After a quick blowdry downstairs here in Topshop I’d stepped out into this twinkling scene and couldn’t help but stand and stare at so many Christmas lights. Strange how easy it is to get delayed. I spent the next half hour trying to capture the big twinkling stars and umbrellas and boxes. I’ve learnt that blogging involves a lot of standing about like this, lucky I’d had a cupcake for sustenance.

Earlier Miss Cakehead had tempted me with a Google cupcake at The Hospital Club in Soho, which was so so good. Afterwards I spoke on a panel with Mariel Reed of NotJustaLabel, Giuliano Giorgetti, the digital director of AC Milan, Mirko Pallera of Ninja Marketing and Raj Chaudhuri of Bleep.com as part of Internet Week Europe. We spoke about social media and accountability (tip, craving more Google cupcake isn’t accountable Giséle). I could possibly become addicted to Miss Cakehead’s cupcakes if they were more widely available. I took this picture of it just before I ate it. Not a very unique thing to do.

But I really couldn’t help myself. The Twitter ones were just as tasty.

When I eventually did find a cab and made it over to East London on Friday evening, Bjork was making her acceptance speech after she’d won a special achievement Lovie Award.

Then I still can’t believe that this happened. The Goddess Guide won these; one for writing Fashion and Beauty and one for overall Fashion and Beauty blog. Most of the time I feel like I’ve so much to learn still. How could we have won these? We’re still so young. I think they must have judged it on your comments (I seriously mean that).

Then of course I danced around for a bit… in my Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. He let me pick something out and I went with these nude leather motion platforms. My attempt to make them more sweet street was to layer black tights underneath. I liked the black against the nude, it worked well. It was a real Goddess moment wearing these. And just to say that any of this wouldn’t have been possible without your constant support; you read the books and now you read this blog. Big Love to each and every one of YOU. You’re awesome! xxxxx G