You’ve gotta be cool headed to be a model. Running between shows if there’s a team waiting to prep you, truly THIS is what goes down. It’s all hands on deck here. Actually maybe being a good model is more about understanding/staying cool during this part of the process. She was fun backstage at Paul Smith! (I’ll post the results of all these hands on hair later if you want to see.)

P.S I love the layered denim and gingham in this shot. It’s a nice colour combo.

PPS. Don’t the blue tins look like the synchronized swimmers of the hair word?

PPPS. I eventually got to read all your comments under a previous blogpost Who are our role models? today and a clever Nicola wrote “G, just keep your head down and hone your craft”. Think she meant we can be our own role model. Look downwards at our work instead of upwards at somebody else. It’s pretty neat advice. xx