I’ll post full London Fashion Week show reports here once this week is over but one of my favorite moments so far is this… yesterday at the Simone Rocha Spring/Summer2012 show I arrived at the show space early (a very beautiful derelict old house) where Simone’s show upstairs. With twenty minutes to go downstairs was finishing hair and make-up and I passed through the house to find a quiet room to go through cameras. When I walked into this room, my heart skipped a beat. Can you tell what this room is?

Here’s a bit more of THAT room in the same building as Simone Rocha’s Spring/Summer 2012 show. Simone Rocha used a much bigger room upstairs for her show but you all guessed instantly that this room was the room from The King’s Speech right?

Dressed in whispers of green and lace and a perspex shoe which continues to look both fresh and relevant for Spring/Summer2012, Simone Rocha‘s girl is timeless like a ghost.