It was such a pleasure to meet British transplant Ruby Jean Wilson during London Fashion Week. As I drooled over her bag and we chatted, I thought of Karl Lagerfeld’s words… “I don’t like standard beauty, there is no beauty without strangeness.” Ruby Jean was born in Scotland “in the hospital in the overdose scene in Trainspotting.” and subsequently both it and ‘This is England’ are her favourite movies. “I miss Scotland and England” she explained “I moved to England when I was five and then to New South Wales when I was fourteen.” Now at eighteen, she’s constantly on the move. So hence that big bag! I love its oversizedness.

Taking these photos on the street in London was fun but I wasn’t about to ask Ruby Jean to pour her life onto the pavement so we peaked inside instead. “Anything head-to-toe is not in my vocabulary” she laughed even though on this occasion both her grey sweater and black trousers are both from Uniqlo. And the Alexander Wang bag? “I carry my life around in it,” she says, pulling out two jackets rolled into one. “To be worn together, layered,” she specified. Her Alexander Wang bag also held Rescue Remedy Pastilles, her model portfolio, many books and bags of products which is a whole other post soon. We talked about the nutrition books she hauls around and then she told me that a book that she thinks everyone should read is “Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but it’s fascinating. I love reading.” So do I.

And there’s something else I have in common with Ruby Jean, her love for high street labels… her American Apparel micro mesh top for example which is a micro-mesh dress. We agreed that we love AA because it always has pieces that are hard to find in other stores. As for her simple socks and these Doc Marten 1461 shoes. “Anyone can wear these,” she says. I will have to try a pair soon.

Meanwhile she’s an anomaly to the fashion mold because she just so humble. You’d never guess that Stefano Pilati chose her as an Yves Saint Lauren exclusive model to open the Autumn/Winter Yves Saint Laurent show in Paris last March. “I only realised a few minutes before I was about to step onto the catwalk that I was opening the show,” she said. No surprise then that she modeled at Paul Smith’s Spring/Summer2012 show in September at London Fashion Week. See my shot from the show frow above. (Thanks Mr. Smith). Oh and good timing to maybe mention this, as it was announced today… Sir Paul Smith @PaulSmithDesign is to receive this year’s British Fashion Award for Outstanding Achievement on November 28th. I filmed this little movie with him here a little while ago and if you haven’t seen it, he’s so lovely. Today’s news makes me so happy. It’s nice to see lovely people in fashion being honoured. Speaking of which to see more of Ruby Jean Wilson’s style you might like to look at this tumblr a super-fan of hers set up here.
I think my next fashion challenge should be to fill an Alexander Wang bag like this one and see how long I can survive marooned in a city Bear Grylls style.