Oh Paris Fashion Week. How I love it, but February/March – how are you all surviving? My rather new experience of fashion week started in February after London Fashion Week, lugging my legs around, heavy like they were stuck to the base bits of a statue, you know the feeling? Brushing your teeth, your hair, it becomes a chore. I knew something was off. But anyway, it’s over now and let me tell you what happened – for those who have the constitution to take it, here we go – I had pneumonia. And to think at London Fashion Week it was a mere head cold.

If you hate the thought of being ill, just brush away that preceding bit and let me tell you about my first few days of Paris fashion week. It was trés nice. I stayed at Hotel Bourg Tibourg in the Marais, and all because of that scent. I feel at this point I ought to warn you that sometimes I can go on a hunch and follow a thing like a bloodhound for aaaaaages just to talk about one little aspect. This is the one important aspect, right here that scent which had me sniffing the air up on my tippy toes like a demented little animal the minute I entered the hotel door.

That scent washes over the deep velvet red chairs and heavy mahogany checkers table trimmed in old gold like an exotic fog.

During the day I took myself downstairs wrapped up and tucked myself out of the way in Hotel Bourg Tibourg with hot tea and madeleines in a candlelit corner breathing in its loveliness and scribbling things into my notebook like a convalescing Victorian. Scribbling things like “the air rolls with waves of scent from the Costes signature candle draping itself alluringly all over the Belle Epoque button-backed bordello daybed beside me” aaaand “that scent washes over the deep velvet red chairs and heavy mahogany checkers table trimmed in old gold like an exotic fog” Looking back on my scribbles, is it obvious that I was on tablets? It really is a uniquely overwhelming olfactory experience. That scent had me HOOKED!

The unique scent which keeps me coming back to both the Hotel Costes and the Hotel Bourg Tibourg hotel comes from a candle which they burn which is part of the Hotel Costes range. There’s also a bodycare range stocked in the rooms and the candle is available to purchase at reception, (it’s still my favourite). I was thinking of starting a #candelclub just to honour it alone. Currently it stands at me and my sister. But maybe because there are also things like soap, shower gel, shampoo, body lotion and body oil in this range (guests use these and help carry the scent about and it permeates every inch of both hotels) I should call my club something else?

The candle and bodyrange are available to buy online too, the notes are lavender, bay-tree, coriander, white pepper, rose, incense, woods, and musk (that mightn’t be the right order in which they were poured in when making them) but my they are wonderful. When the black Bougie Costes candle burns out at my house, I use the dark burgundy glass container to hold my sketch pens. This scent is on EVERYTHING I own; my diary, my notebooks, my pens, my desk, my sleeves. I bring the body lotion and oil home and apply them to my arms and the scent clings to my woolen sleeves and comes in waves as I write and move about.

In the meantime I probably haven’t done this little place the justice that it deserves as a hotel, so maybe these photos above and the extra explanation next might help show how special it is.

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