Are you a cold or a hot type? I’m one of those strange girls who loves the cold. I love to bundle up and kick my way through autumn leaves, face buried in wool while the sun struggles to warm the crisp air. Well today I’ve gotten my wish – after nothing but wind and rain, the cold snap has arrived. Woo, hoo! It’s a scarf day!


Yeah okay, so maybe I have a deep fascination with wrapping and winding a huge scarf around my neck because I love cold weather. Isn’t it a default part of being Irish? Has anyone else ever secretly wanted to be a weather girl (only for a day)? Is it just me?


Bet you’ve all started wondering secretly about what you’ll be wearing come winter? I’m writing this with my face half-buried in my favourite cold weather piece, this cashmere scarf by the Irish knitwear designer Lainey Keogh. It was a gift many Christmases ago and it’s by far the softest and warmest thing in my wardrobe.


It’s a large scarf come wrap and the folds and fibres tend to grab and hold onto any fragrance I wear which makes it even more inviting and comforting in the cold.

The secret to its long life I am convinced is proper care. It’s in a moment like this that I could pretend to be super cool and casually say that it’s a simple thing to care for cashmere – try not to wash it, avoid storing in a dark place and shake it out a few times a month to prevent those dreaded little pesky clothes moths from setting up home – I’m afraid the honest truth is that it’s a mini war against their huge appetites.


This summer was a bumper year for clothes moths and this weekend as I put the final touches to my ‘moth-report’ I’ll share the notes and tricks I’ve been gathering all year that have I believe kept my few precious cashmeres moth free. I know I tried loads of different things, so there’s no telling what’s in store… ; )