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Fisherman’s Friend

GGB2011_04JUNE_MimiPT_04 GGB2011_04JUNE_MimiPT_05 GGB2011_04JUNE_MimiPT_01 GGB2011_04JUNE_MimiPT_02

Today I’ve decided to post this pictures of Mimi Berry. I don’t post street style pictures very often, but that depends on you as well. Do you like street style? I do very much but in this instance it’s more fashion photographed ‘on the street’ of someone I’d met indoors whose look I instantly loved.

To explain, I went to visit Mimi at her bag boutique, the bag boutique everyone loves in London right now. Yeah… right now…. which means as usual I wanted everything, but while I was browsing I was also mentally asking myself if I had in my wardrobe items that would suit all her different bags.

So yeah, the thing I love in these shots is Mimi’s Fishing Smock. (Yes if you told me a few weeks ago that I’d be getting excited about a Fishing Smock, I’d say yeah, sounds nice and all, but I can’t see it working somehow). Am I right?

Except Mimi grabbed one of her own designs… a small hard leather satchel called Little Peggy and slung it across her body and I instantly loved the contrast between her brown leather bag, the navy utilatarian Yarmo Fishing Smock (which she purchased at Labour And Wait nearby on Redchurch street) and the little gold buckle on her Mimi Berry brown leather belt and matching gold rings.

But it was her lace-up Rae Jones saddle shoes teamed with her Gap jeans which I wanted the most! Wow, aren’t they SO BEAUTIFUL? Look at the laces???? Even I, (and I rarely wear this style of shoe), was totally smitten by them. I was ready to pluck them from Mimi and skip quickly down Cheshire street.

So in short, today I was inspired by Mimi’s styling. And it made me think…. no designer put this idea together, Mimi totally owned this look. I have no idea why, but it works. Okay, I’m gonna try and see if I can get a Fishing Smock and style it up my way. Big hugs!

X In other news, the shop Mimi is standing outside is Mimi Berry (I blogged about it yesterday). It’s in East London. As well as Mimi’s really great bag collection you’ll also be able to find some Rae Jones shoes there from time to time. Biiiiigggg huggggsssss!

Leather forecast

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I’m in Austria and have just checked WordPress… Ooooooops!

Tuesday 7th, 1.21p.m. 1 new comment awaiting approval: Helena says…

‘Please, please write more! I love this blog but please you don’t write enough! I check it every day! Hx’

In response. Helena thank you. Maybe I should write daily. But I didn’t think that ANYONE would want to read about what I get up to EVERY SINGLE day here. Does it warrant a blog post? And to be honest I didn’t really think that anyone would even care.

So look away NOW if you bore easily.

Where to start… for the past few days I’ve been in Austria’s Viva-Mayr researching skin problems and cures for my next Goddess book. Apparently a clean inside is a good starting point to great looking skin. The research included a colonic (I know you can get one of these anywhere but it’s part of a bigger programme.) It was my first. It was tough. I’d never had a colonic before.

So OK I’ll give you this one Helena… maybe there was something to report. OK YOU WIN!

So…… Helana 1   Gisèle 0

Wednesday  8th, 1.17p.m. 1 new comment awaiting approval: Hattie says…

‘Please, please write more! I know you are very busy but this blog is amazing and I love it! Please write about anything! It can be what you wore today or what you ate for breakfast it would all interest me! I am desperate for more Goddess-y-ness! Please write more!’

In response, Hattie, I ‘got’ a soft boiled egg for breakfast and a cup of green tea. Nothing else to report here except I’ve had two dreams about chocolate Lindt Bunnies (the big ones). And there isn’t much fashion (it’s in deepest Austria and the guests here usually dress for swimming), but I’ve discovered slowly, that both the Austrians here and their foreign guests lead utterly fascinating lives.

So…… Hattie 1   Gisèle 0 (I’m crap at this game).

Thursday 9th, June 2.00a.m.,

I’m sitting in my room now ignoring the ‘lights out at 10pm’ curfew. Huge rainfall has forced me to stay indoors all day. So I haven’t had a run. Oh no… life can be SO CRUEL. You think I’m blissed out? Nuh uh! I geared myself up to be the best detox specimen that Austria had ever had. But I’m no good to them, I crave lattes, pizzas, macaroons and huge creamy cakes too much.

And then…


You’re all probably asleep at this stage, I’m staring at my bag in my room and thinking hang on there just one minute… should I just grab it and make a run for it. I have to tell you about this amazing new bag I found in London to take on this trip. (I’ve just checked and I’ve photos on my laptop from when I bought it.)

Helena isn’t this more like it…. to talk about USEFUL stuff…. Things like what questions to ask yourself when buying a bag… ‘Are the straps long enough?’ ‘Does it sit right against the body?’ ‘Are the handles too wide, too long, too narrow?’ ‘Does the hardware look wrong?’ ‘Is the colour the right shade?’ ‘Does it look like a bucket?’ ‘Is it heavy on my arm in a good way?’

Um how can the word heavy on my arm ever be followed with the words in a good way? Yes, this is the conversation which rattled about in my head when browsing for a new bag at London based designer Mimi Berry‘s Cheshire Street store (just off Brick Lane) last week.

Founded in 2001 by Mimi Berry after she graduated Central Saint Martins, this British leather goods brand offers a level of craftsmanship and understated design that equals that of many of the fashion industries most prestigious names.

No. Not good enough yet says Helena. Keep going G…..

OK look at the satchels, the totes, the sleek weekend bags, the ice-cream coloured cute clutches, the sweet purses and the separate collection for men. Did I tell you about my Mimi Berry GOLD leather oyster card holder? I love it! And my new Mimi Berry silver leather bag? Mimi uses the best quality Italian leather and her price point is fair and genuine. And best of all look at the gold leather dog collar she made for her dog Dora. Isn’t it chic! Wouldn’t every puppy want one of these?

So voilà, here’s my last few days in a nutshell. When I think back to the care tips that Mimi Berry gave me for my new leather bag  in her store ‘Nourish it constantly with the right things and it will take more wear and tear and the skin will wear in beautifully’ it wasn’t far off what I’m learning about skincare here at Viva -Mayr.

So taking time now to wish you all a night filled with chocolate dreams. And also to plant maybe a little seed about where to shop when you’re next looking for something completely British, utterly honest and beautifully crafted.

And of course, to promise you Helena/Hattie that I’ll post more here for you!!! Ooookay, big, big, big hugs until tomorrow!