Today I’ve decided to post this pictures of Mimi Berry. I don’t post street style pictures very often, but that depends on you as well. Do you like street style? I do very much but in this instance it’s more fashion photographed ‘on the street’ of someone I’d met indoors whose look I instantly loved.

To explain, I went to visit Mimi at her bag boutique, the bag boutique everyone loves in London right now. Yeah… right now…. which means as usual I wanted everything, but while I was browsing I was also mentally asking myself if I had in my wardrobe items that would suit all her different bags.

So yeah, the thing I love in these shots is Mimi’s Fishing Smock. (Yes if you told me a few weeks ago that I’d be getting excited about a Fishing Smock, I’d say yeah, sounds nice and all, but I can’t see it working somehow). Am I right?

Except Mimi grabbed one of her own designs… a small hard leather satchel called Little Peggy and slung it across her body and I instantly loved the contrast between her brown leather bag, the navy utilatarian Yarmo Fishing Smock (which she purchased at Labour And Wait nearby on Redchurch street) and the little gold buckle on her Mimi Berry brown leather belt and matching gold rings.

But it was her lace-up Rae Jones saddle shoes teamed with her Gap jeans which I wanted the most! Wow, aren’t they SO BEAUTIFUL? Look at the laces???? Even I, (and I rarely wear this style of shoe), was totally smitten by them. I was ready to pluck them from Mimi and skip quickly down Cheshire street.

So in short, today I was inspired by Mimi’s styling. And it made me think…. no designer put this idea together, Mimi totally owned this look. I have no idea why, but it works. Okay, I’m gonna try and see if I can get a Fishing Smock and style it up my way. Big hugs!

X In other news, the shop Mimi is standing outside is Mimi Berry (I blogged about it yesterday). It’s in East London. As well as Mimi’s really great bag collection you’ll also be able to find some Rae Jones shoes there from time to time. Biiiiigggg huggggsssss!