So how are the fashion weeks going? I haven’t blogged since the weekend (THE WEEKEND? So long ago? WHAT’S GOING ON!!! – Might be the fact that I feel my fashion life is overlapping). For example, the shows that we saw last February, well these garments are in the stores right now. That said there’s a new round of shows now. It’s pretty cool that we get to see what we’ll be wearing next summer over the next couple of weeks (although it’ll be months before we can find them in the shops to buy them). So before I start to get carried away during this new round of shows, I thought I’d show you some of my favourite moments from last February’s London Fashion Week. Here goes. The hair at Roksanda Ilincic A/W2011. Oh my how I crave it. But here’s the thing, I’ve only just gotten the hang of how to use my BaByliss big hair, given time I will succeed in making my hair (and make-up) as good as this above. Shon at Julian Watson did the hair and Lucia Piac the make-up. Of course credit too to Victoria Young who styled the clothes and brought the whole look together for Roksanda Ilincic. It’s high art. Luxurious too… Ohhhhhhhhhh I love it.

At Marios Schwab A/W2011there was an early hint of a trend that’s seemingly everywhere now. Check, are your sleeves a different fabric to the rest of your coat? Oh and hair scraped back in a tight bun (I’ll show you more about this in another post).

And this colour green, seriously, who knew back then that it would crop up in so many other collections. My first sighting was right at this moment at Bora Aksu.

Then Bora Aksu used it in a belt. Made me realise that I may want to slip a green leather belt around a black cocktail dress soon.

And tie it at the back like this.

At Vivienne Westwood A/W2011, the play-on colour and print, how a jacket is belted close to the body and worn under a leopard print cape.

Same thing here, this is where I first started to realise that there was a cape micro-trend coming down the line and it’s oh so easy to do yourself: wear a printed cape over a belted tweed jacket. And the wool socks and the over-sized bag give it that touch of luxury. Effect: grunge-confident-kool (with a k). PS: I’ll post a video for you later about Westwood’s show! That way, we can love her together! She’s awesome!

In the meantime at Todd Lynn A/W2011, I met Ping Hue Cheung. And I’ve gotta tell you something (because I just have to), I hardly recognised her ten minutes later when she looked like this…..

No but seriously. How cool is this?! I don’t think anyone realises how deep my love is for the colour black (so it’s Yōji Yamamoto and John Rocha and when I crave some urban blackness a whole heap of Todd Lynn A/W2011).

And life just keeps moving on as the fashion shows just seem to float in and out and around it.

And that’s it, the calm feeling when yet another season is over. At this point I usually have consumed my entire body weight in backstage Vitamin water and I can no longer feel my arms. (I spend the entire week holding a camera). So right now, I’m doing it all again, I’ve left my cat and my studio for weeks of fashion. In the meantime, did you know that the average sleep I get during all this is about four hours? Oooops, it’s 6am….