From the cleanser which should be on all of our beauty lists to the powder we’ll be queuing to buy, I went backstage to meet Val Garland to find out what I should be asking Santa for this Christmas… It’s a fact, make-up expert and industry legend Val Garland has access to beauty’s newest products first. Opting for super-gentle cleansers and moisturisers to calm models’ make-up weary faces and ‘prep’ them for the next look, she opened up her beauty kit and shared these wonderful tips. “Backstage or before a photo shoot I go straight for Bioderma Créaline H20, which is the best cleanser I have come across; it doesn’t aggravate the skin, even after numerous shows. I get it from Parisian pharmacies. Then I usually use an SK-II Eye Mask, £45 for 14 (0800 072 1771), to help reduce dark circles and puffiness from flying, late nights etc. On shoots, I’ll use SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, £45 for six (0800 072 1771), it’s an excellent antidote to jet lag, late nights and it regenerates the skin’s tired appearance and replenishes moisture (a good one for after a party). Next, I go straight to YSL Hydra Feel Fresh Hydrating Water Gel, £32 (01444 255 700), a fab moisturiser which makes skin feel baby soft, or Skinceuticals serums or nourishing skin creams (05603 141 956) which work like magic to wake up the skin and leave it well-hydrated and ready for make-up!”

As for make-up, two of Val’s favourite secret products are; MAC’s Set-Powder, “I sweep a load of this across the cheeks with a fan brush so that it catches any eyeshadow or pigment from a smokey eye (see the picture below). You just brush it away when finished.” Backstage at the Marios Schwab Spring/Summer 2012 show Val also had MAC’s Prep and Prime powder in her kit (see pic above) “I can’t go anywhere without this, it gives a wonderful transparent finish and reduces shine while optically minimizing the look of pores, lines and imperfections. It’s a must-have.”

And Val’s best beauty tip? “Buy good brushes, I buy great quality ones at art stores.” And seeing as Val Garland is responsible for some of Hollywood’s most famous faces I can be sure that all of her recommendations actually work (ie products that are guaranteed to make my friends skin (that should really read my skin) happy this Christmas).