This idea started all because of the weather this morning which has now become an international catastrophe. From rain in Dublin to a heat wave in Paris and I can’t tell what in London these days because it keeps changing like a day at Glastonbury; getting dressed in the morning has become one big guessing game. I mean, what has life come to when you have to not only race, but womanhandle a well-known French actress, in high-heeled mules, for the last air-conditioned taxi in Paris?

Getting dressed in the morning has become one big guessing game

Does the heat do this to everyone? It’s ever so slightly overpowering isn’t it? But I’ve finally found time this morning to use my brain again (excuse the fact that I still had sleep in my eyes as I grabbed a latte and realised this) Vivienne Westwood’s belted Portobello trench from her Red label Autumn/Winter2011 collection (or any light cotton trench coat) is the prefect way to override this hot/cold/hot/cold etc conundrum.

A trench which will keep me vaguely warm, but isn’t so stuffy that I’ll bake should the sun make a surprise appearance is the answer. Vivienne Westwood, I bow down to your great trench tailoring glory… the gathered shoulder, strategically placed lapels, tailored panel across the front and pockets make your trench the sweetest this summer. And seeing as I’ve touched and tried it on in your Vivienne Westwood stores, it’s the prefect antidote for the many more festivals and outings I’ve left to conquer this summer.

While in the Vivienne Westwood store on Conduit Street last week I also considered the long Westwood socks. They’ll look cute under Hunters Wellingtons/boots non? Alternatively the plain Westwood thin socks work well under Westwood’s wellington boots £135 which come in a range of plaid and check prints.

So hopefully I’ll see you soon at some festival throughout the summer, us all doing our “we’re the greatest walk” cool in our trench coats: we’ll look back on our photos and think how stylish were we during that huge cold snap? Now which festivals to rock? Hmmmmm!