I don’t know how to break this to you. Perhaps it’s best just to say it out loud. Okay, here goes: I think I might love chocolate a bit too much. On my way through an airport last week, during an intense moment under the glaring duty free red lights we decided (that is you and I on Twitter decided) that we should  bring home the compulsory duty free large Toblerone (way tastier than those Austrian Motzart balls any day).

I am a great believer in instinct: if it feels right, I do it

Anyway one thing led to another, and that’s how I ended up trying to smuggle a giant Toblerone home along with my already overweight luggage. I’m not trying to bludgeon you with a)the blame or b)tales of my Twitter airport shenanigans, but I am a great believer in instinct: if it feels right, I do it – in life, in work and hauling that giant Toblerone home felt very right.

The flight to London was peopled mostly with smiley tanned tourists, a few stressed young mums dragging reluctant children and middle-aged business men with one piece of carry-on. Things started to unravel quickly when the airline staff first ran out of hot water, then patience and then any clue and the will to live. They remained surprisingly calm though and I particularly liked the member of staff who suggested I “sit back, relax and have a giant piece of your duty-free purchase”.

“Um let’s not get carried away now lady,  I usually only eat giant Toblerone between the 25th and the 29th of December, and only in Ireland in front of a roaring fire with my Mum and Dad.” But the flight was unraveling around me (Oh c’mon now, you’ve never felt the tug and comfort of chocolate?) and seeing as I was traveling alone…. I very nearly caved. YES rereading my above text so far I have to wonder what they pump into the cabin air during flights these days.

AND SO… to end my story, I cracked open my make-up bag and my Shu Uemura products and painted on the illusion of rest to meet Mr. Goddess at the airport. On the drive home I explained ‘the trouble is you know, once the Giant Toblerone wrappers lay strewn about, it never actually offers the comfort you think it will – quite the contrary’. FACT boys don’t understand chocolate love.

So what was I going to do with all that chocolate???? I decided I’d comfort cook – prepare food not out of need or duty, but because I wanted to hang out in the kitchen and make something nice for someone so I decided to make a Toblerone cheesecake for Father’s Day. And making this cake meant I could share my chocolate equally with everyone (plus a slice of this chocolate Toblerone cheesecake is so rich you won’t even want more).

So big hugs!  And just one more time, sorry, if you’re not the slightest bit interested  in chocolate, cheesecake or triangular adventures.  Really though, my apologies.

PS: And let me thank you all for your lovely comments all along. It’s a pleasure to read everything you guys write. You’re each unique. There really is just no other word… Thank you. And I definitely have enough chocolate talk done for a few weeks now…

Here’s the recipe


1 packet of Orio cookies

A quarter cup of butter

A half cup of light Muscovado sugar

3 x 200 packs of cream cheese

2 x 400g Toblerones (one for the mixture and one for decoration)

Gelatine sheets

You’ll also need a 20cm wide cheesecake tin with a removable base


1. Split the Orio cookies and using a knife carefully remove the cream filling. Take the black split cookies and place on a large piece of foil on a chopping board and crush into crumbs using a rolling-pin. Pick up the foil and transfer the crumbs to a little bowl.

2. Mix the Orio crumbs with the melted butter making sure not to wet the mixture too much.

3. Grease the cheesecake tin with the paper from the butter you’ve just melted.

4. Press the butter and Orio crumbs mixture firmly into the bast of the cheesecake tin.

3. Beat cream cheese until soft with a mixer or electric whisk and mix in brown sugar while beating.

4. Melt 200g of Toblerone chocolate (half one of your Toblerones) gradually in a bain marie (a glass bowl sitting in a pot of water). Let the chocolate cool slightly.

5. Fold the chocolate in batches into the cream cheese and sugar. Then chop 200g (the other half) of the Toblerone in thick pieces and fold into the mix.

6. Mix 3 teaspoons (1 sheet) of gelatine into a quarter cup of warm water. Fold the mixture carefully in tiny batches into the cheesecake chocolate mix.

7. Transfer the cheesecake mixture into the cheesecake tin and refrigerate for four/six hours of preferably overnight.

8. Serve topped with roughly chopped Toblerone. Enjoy!