Lashes were so different at each fashion collection over the past six weeks that a new lash technique was probably born every twenty seconds. The final piece in the backstage beauty jigsaw at Vivienne Westwood’s A/W2011 show was Marta Ortiz’s face. Look at those EYELASHES! Such small little things and yet so obvious when done well. They look HUGE. Big and beautiful and all fluttery. Most of us in normal land would have to use falsies for such volume but would you believe these are Marta’s own lashes? They are only slightly enhanced with several layers of this.

Would you believe these are Marta’s own lashes?

The secret is that MAC Haute & Naughty Lash mascara has two brushes in a special lid that let’s you control the amount of mascara you wish to use. A wiggle of the small brush separates and a wiggle of the big creates lift. Genius!

I suspect these lashes might be a little too dramatic if I’m just going to the cinema, but seriously, I just don’t care, it makes a mundane task (ie, painting your lashes) more exciting again. A Mac technician explained that a tip for everyday peeps (yes me) is to wiggle the big brush at the root and leave the rest of the lash nude (take’s practice!). Ok so I’m not going to ditch every mascara I own and replace it with this one product (could you imagine?) but I am going to have these lashes any chance I get. For one brief moment Vivienne Westwood discussed their flutteryness and then of course moved onto something deeper.