Watching BodyAmr designer Amr Ali troop his fierce model army through the beautiful art deco halls of the Grade II listed Freemason’s Hall in London was surreal. These shots are proof that all I initially contemplated were the lengths of the models’ legs. There’s a hint of the mystical about the first shot above I think, as if this army had come from the rays of light, all long limbed and alien. But there’s a sound reason to love Amr Ali (I’ll explain in a mo).

Tom Ford once wrote ‘Bodyamr; Give me a job!’

Operating from a discrete townhouse in Bloomsbury, Omani-born designer Amr (pronounce ‘Armour’) has steadily grown BodyAmr since 2005. It now has a cult following with his knack of mixing the old (he’s a keen vintage collector) the new (he’s very aware of what’s happening on London’s streets) and his own unique heritage (strong Omani roots).

Tom Ford once wrote ‘Bodyamr; Give me a job!’ as BodyAmr was hailed by Vogue and Harpers Bazaar to be one of London’s hottest brands, but it’s the allure of his draped gowns and the precise detail on his body-con dresses that have earned him respect among women and celebrities. You might be a bit surprised at who…..

So did it happen to you yet? Did you experience the leg envy that I did? That’s a question I asked myself silently that day and for months after seeing this show (maybe I should have kept that to myself). I especially loved the model’s own ‘rats’ trousers teamed with the BodyAmr blonde balero thrown over her shoulders before the show. An exaggerated shoulder, a skinny leg and those BodyAmr shoes: a simple way to look sharp. Yes those legs stretch on forever but then I though (cue Carrie Bradshaw voice) ‘Do we really need legs this long to look hot?

Eoooeeeeuw, you are probably thinking. I don’t want to think about it G! I have and honestly, I don’t think we do. As I stood silently behind the line-up I could see evidence in the cutting of his garments of the well know fact that Amr Ali is obsessed with complimenting the female form. A quick look on the BodyAmr website and three examples show how he compliments Kylie Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Daisy Lowe (LOVE her !!!). Whether wearing his alluring draped gowns or leg exposing body-con dresses they’re all very, very different, beautiful and unique.

When people think legs in fashion, I know they often mean long and lean and mocha-coloured all over, but the thing about legs is this… if a designer is clever and thoughtful enough, there doesn’t have to be a set formula, no one set of measurements that adds up to guaranteed perfection. And this is partially due to his love of discreet draping, a technique that harps all the way back to one of fashion’s doyennes – Madame Grès.

We’re used to being fed an ideal form to which we should all aspire, but I believe that legs remain the exception to that rule- the one place where we can each be ourselves and still look great (especially if designers like Amr Ali have anything to do with it). Good news then that BodyAmr is easily available on Net-a-Porter

Oh and between now and Monday I’m off to Finland so I’ve just uploaded this LEG SHAKING TUNE to my iPod. It’s got just the right amount of Starkey and Hutchness and funk to proudly spin my little pins to.  Shake em!!!! Twist em!!!! Because each leg is unique!!!!